Welcome to Mechanical Wonders Studio.

A place where the roughness of steel melts into an explosion of creativity.

At Mechanical Wonders, we did more than open “just another customization garage”. This is a workshop dedicated to all your mechanics projects, a place where we listen to you, understand your needs and accompany you in the realization of your dreams whatever they may be:

  • The creation of furniture items derived from mechanical parts
  • The restoration of motorbikes and soon cars
  • The customization / transformation of motorcycles.

At Mechanical Wonders, all projects start off with the same ambition: the will to reflect, in every conception, the image of the clients and their desires. As such:

  • We listen to you: we are always paying close attention to our clients to better know their desires and aspirations.
  • We understand your needs: by translating your expectations to actions and converting your ideas to tangible realizations.
  • We accompany you: from the birth of an idea to the final outcome of a project, we stand by your side every step of the way throughout the adventure.

Mechanical Wonders Studio is a place where fanatics of mechanical beauty can find refuge. It is also a safe place away from everyday stress where medication takes the form of dreams of adventure and liberty.