I’ve always been fascinated by beautiful machines, mechanics, TV programs about customization and restoration of cars and bikes.

So when Jay proposed we open a workshop dedicated to such things, I naturally loved the idea! For it was the opportunity to live a fascination, to escape the daily routine, but also to show a more artistic side, a more glamorous side of a world that, till this day, is a victim of society’s stereotypes.

Mechanics are a form of artistic expression. They're a projection of oneself. And at MWS, every project is treated like a work of art that is the result of the realization of an idea.



I have two passions. Or rather weaknesses. Mechanics and beautiful machines.

I love knocking together, transforming, and creating mechanical objects that stand out. And I consider motorcycles and cars to be works of art that inspire and deserve respect. And when they land in my workshop, that respect is reflected in the end result of the projects I work on.

Whatever the machine we own, and as perfect and complete as it may be, there will always be that “little something” to add or modify that would please us and that would say: “This is MINE, this is ME”. At MWS, that “little” something is feasible, as extravagant as it may get.

I have the chance to be able to put to execution my projects of mechanical creations. And my biggest reward is the pleasure of admiring my work’s achievement… But mainly the pleasure of seeing the clients’ reaction, that look in their eyes when they set them for the first time on the end result; of seeing that the hard and laborious work to get to the end of the road has finally hit success.

Each project that I start is a real challenge because it is unique, and because it reflects the personality of the person who imagined it.

I opened this workshop to dedicate myself entirely to my passions, and to share them with all those who see the world more or less in that same manner… But each in their own way.

Gerald "Jay" WEY